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Originally Posted by derickyan View Post
cheers to you! well i right now a have a very slight wrist pain. i guessed i used the wrong technique. but its pretty recent, so not enough to make it a story ahah. hopefully mine would miraculously go away
Hope yours goes away Derick and Cheers to you!

I haven't gone to the Dr or anything with mine. Although I'm probably doing the wrong thing, I believe in working injuries back into shape.

I had 2 years off tennis due to a shoulder injury while snowboarding. I couldn't serve or throw a ball without crying out loud pain - not very dignified.

I gave it lots of rest and started assisted dips and pushups, with light barbell work. Now I can crank a serve as hard as before - zero pain. I'm hoping the wrist follows that same sort of recovery. Time will tell.
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