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Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
Oh yes, absolutely. He won the second set with the roof still open and had enough momentum to win the match in those conditions.
He only narrowly won the 2nd set. The closure of the roof changed conditions completely and definitely favoured Federer. Had Federer lost that match you would no doubt have used the closure of the roof as an excuse just as you seem to think the wind blew more strongly on Djokovic's side of the court than it did on Murray's at the USO!

Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
Murray did deserve the gold. The point is: that medal does not prove that he somehow reached the next level and is expected to maintain that level permanently.
Well, he went on to win the USO but, oh I forgot, that one was down to the wind (because we all know that Murray is the only player on the tour that isn't affected by the wiind). I guess if it weren't for hurricanes and tired opponents, he would never win anything, would he?
"I have to apologise because I clearly pushed Roger so hard on Thursday!" (Andy Murray on why Federer couldn't play the WTF final).

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