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Ok, relax buddy. It's just a pair of shoes. I'm sure Nike won't care if you buy another pair or not, they're selling like hotcakes to people who've been looking for this type of shoe for a while. The shoe is not for everyone, move on!
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I am relaxed Borrelli and they're not just shoes they are $130 shoes not $30. I'm not going to beat a dead horse here but I don't really care what Nike thinks or you. I posted the thread to inform other buyers who actually want to know if they are really getting what they have paid for so they can make an informed decision. Your comment is completely meaningless.
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Not sure what rock you've been under for the past 8 months but pretty sure everyone on this forum knows these shoes have low durability. That's why Nike makes different models. Everyone knows to buy the 4.3 Court Ballistecs if with the 8 month warranty if they are worried about durability. Good luck

Borrelli, I haven't been under a rock and understood the durability issue that's why I didn't rush out to buy 8 months ago. I did read the forums prior to purchasing but everything is relative to ones own style and intensity of play. Someone may play and practice almost everyday for hours and go through a pair in a month others like myself play twice a week and doubles no less and it's not hard core therefore I took the risk in assuming that these shoes should last me at least a season with proper care. I haven't seen pictures of peoples complaints of their Vapor 9's so I decided to inform others to the pitfalls and provide pictures so that they can make a better buying decision. I don't have the luxury of owning 5-7 pairs per season and for my use I shouldn't have to.

For the record my friend owns the Court Ballistecs and he's replaced them 3 times in 3 months as the lacing holding system is made from thin fabric that very easily breaks when lacing up your shoes...he is on his third set now the Nike Breathe 2K12 have the same defective lacing problem but only on one side as the other side of the laces of the 2K12 are held using the rubber or plastic and not the fabric. Zoom in closely to the pics of the shoes and you will see the lacing fabric issue. The store where he bought them from won't accept anymore returns or exchanges. The Court Ballistecs are not the answer either and strike out for the Nike Breathe 2K12.

Nike needs to get back to making a quality shoe product and stop cutting corners especially on shoes.


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