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Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
No, why would I use it as an excuse. Closed roof conditions should favor Federer. My point is: he was not losing the match even with the roof open, so obviously conditions were not a deal breaker.
The first two sets were narrowly fought wins by both players. After the roof closed, Federer's level went up significantly and he cruised through the next two. Kudos to him.

Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
In the USO final, the conditions completely disrupted and randomized the game, nullifying Djokovic's advantage in class. That match does not indicate any "new level" of Murray that would "suddenly drop" after the USO.

There was no drop, as there had been no raise.
Both players were precisely and evenly matched in that final and both were equally affected by the coinditions. Both said so afterwards. Djokovic levelled the match at 2 sets all (funny how the wind didn't stop him from doing that) and then Murray did something he had never done in a Slam final before, he raised his level to take the final set and took it convincingly with 2 breaks of serve! He was clutch on one of the biggest ever stages when it finally mattered and that was a definite first for him!

Unfortunately, he forgot this lesson in his next 3 tournaments, especially in the final of Shanghai which he definitely should have won. His level undoubtedly dropped further at the WTF when he blew leads in his matches against both Djokovic and Federer.

I'm hoping that he will rediscover the form which netted him the Olympics and the USO when the new season starts. I think he will.
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