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Originally Posted by tennisMVP View Post
Nadal already said his holiday will help his career a lot. Reason being, he had time to heal his niggling injuries. And it didn't cost him a Roland Garros title. He chose the best time to have a holiday. If he could take 6 months off every year he'd probably still be winning Roland Garros at age 37.

Regarding Murray, in 2011 Nadal beat him in 3 out of 3 slam meetings. Whatever Murray had going for him vs Nadal is clearly gone. Djokovic too, has lost momentum vs Nadal. And by the way, Djokovic is NOT improving. He's going backwards.
Remind me how many points Rafa got in the last set he played v Murray? What's Rafa's hardcourt slam record v Murray since 2008 - c'mon; you like a head to head stat - what is it?
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