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Originally Posted by batz View Post
He had 8 and squandered about half of them. So - back to the question I asked - you think that these missed match points in best of 3 matches have more of a bearing on Murray's chances of winning the AO than his USO and OG wins? Really?
He didn't really say that, and if he really thinks that he's stupid. However, Murray also didn't convince me after the US Open that he is the man to beat and a favourite over Roger and Rafa. Of course is US Open showed he can win a slam. We already knew that, but it showed he's in the mix more than ever. However, I can relate to monfed's comment in a sense that his post US Open play was somewhat disappointing and kind of showed that he at this point is not yet where Djokovic is in that department. Does that mean he cant win the AO? Sure not. He cna totally win it. But to me it also showed that particularly Djokovic is still at a bit of a higher level in terms of consistency, which makes him the favourite over Murray. This might've been different had Murray also won say Shanghai and WTF
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