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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
I think he was referring to players of a certain level. The whole quote (he seemed to barely remember about Puerta's case):

Federer and Murray called for more blood tests at the end of the year, for tennis to be clean. Are they really necessary?
I don't anything of anyone, those in charge can do what they think they should. I'm calm and since I know Rafael is completely clean, I don't think it possible for anyone to dope. I can't get it into my head that someone would intentionally cheat. If the ATP considers it'd be better for doping security to increase testing, they can do what they think is right. I say: I can't get it into my head that anyone would intentionally dope.

But there are demonstrated cases.
In tennis?

Mariano Puerta, for example.
Yes. Puerta could have hurt us and it's a case I think itís perfect. If he really doped, well sanction, goodbye, forgotten him and forgotten the issue. Now, since that case I don't remember tennis players having doped among the people who more or less play on the tour at a good level because it seems to me everybody is clean. We have many tests every year and I mean everyone on the tour. It's difficult to dope.
During Puerta's time and before there was a whole nest of Argentines doping, all of whom could be considered as 'high level' players including Guillermo Canas who was caught with masking agent. I played there three years on the trot and I always remember a tournament doctor laughing at me when I asked about South American players doping. His attitude was that they all did, routinely, or certainly the Argentine ones. That was the impression he gave me. South America is a tennis backwater. Federer's never played there for example. The local players do what they want, more or less.
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