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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Rackets I've demoed:
Wilson: Pro Open, blade 98. Surge, tour 95, prostaff 90,
Head: Radical mp, prestige mp, extreme mp, instinct mp
Babolat: pure storm, apd, pd 2012, pdr, pdr2012.
Dunlop: bio 300T, 4D 300T.
Pacific: XForce.
Technifibre: tflash 300.
Prince: EXO3 Graphite 100, EXO3 Rebel 95 Team
Best to worst:

Radical mp
Prestige mp
Pro open
Prostaff 90
Blade 98
Bio 300T
Instinct mp
Pure storm
Pd 2012
EXO3 Graphite 100
EXO3 Rebel Team 95
Extreme mp
4D 300T
Tflash 300
Tour 95

This is the range of rackets that I have tried. Really enjoyed most of them, however they are mostly too expensive. The radical and prestige I still wish were the pro models with the open pattern, but I liked the feel of them nonetheless. What else do you think I should demo?

What have you demoed and what did you like? Dislike? Why?
@ Mike

Haha. This made me want to try and recall all the frames I've demoed since returning to tennis. Here you go:

BLX Blade (older version)
Juice 100
Formula 100
NTour Two
KBlade 98
BLX Pro Open
BLX 90
BLX 6.1 Team
BLX PS 6.1 95
PD Cortex
PDGT 107
BB London
BB Pro
V1 Classic MP
PB 8
PB10 Mid
Organix 8
Organix V1 MP
Rad IG MP+
X Force
4D 300
4D 500
4D 500 Tour
Bio 400 Tour
Bio F3.0 Tour
Exo3 Tour 18x20
Exo3 Ignite Team
RDIS 200 Lite
RDIS 300
Xi 100
TFlash Speedflex 300
Slaz Pro Braided
X Orange 99
X Red 94
X Dark Red 94
Pro One 16x18
X-Dual Gold 99
Extreme 2.0 Pro

I tried about 2/3 of those before settling on the APDGT, the rest were mostly to see if there was a better fit out there and some were friends/other players rackets and free demos. Had a PB10 Mid that I recently sold. I know there are a few missing from the list, or can't remember the names of. I didn't try many of the new players rackets as those are what I was coming from. I owned and/or demoed some of the classics like the original 6.0 85, 95, 6.1 95, Prestige, Pro No.1, C9, Ti80, RD7, SRD Tour 90, POG etc., from way back and figured the new versions are the same/not any better.

The vast majority of frames I tried were good and I could play with, but since I was going to spend $$ on a pair of new frames I figure I might as well get one that really fits. Actually trying frames for fun or on free offers is great, as I've found a few that are a better fit than the APDGT. I'm not in any hurry to switch though, as I'm too busy working on my game and much more excited about seeing the on-court improvements.
There were very few I didn't like:

RDIS 200 Lite
X Force
4D 500
X Orange 94
X Dark Red 94

Have you figured out what general direction you want to go in after trying all those frames?

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