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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post

After our review of this racquet, I customized one of our test racquets by adding seven inch strips of 1/4" lead tape. I used 9 & 3 o'clock on the hoop, as the center point for these four strips. I also counter balanced this weight by placing 1/2" lead strips on the pallet, underneath the grip. I don't clearly remember how much lead I put on the pallet, but I do know that it was more than I added to the hoop. The final spec came out to be: 12.3 oz, 330 SW, and 7 pts. HL. It played extremely solid with tons of plow through. I liked it enough that I could easily transition into this stick; but for now I still prefer my customized Microgel Radical. I hope this info is useful.

Troy, TW
Hi Tony

TQVM for the response.

I added 6.5 inch of 1/4inch LT to 9 N 3 (total of 6.5g) and 3g (behind buttcap), 13.5g inside the butt cap plus a replacement Lether grip (+8g) and my final specs was 356g , 11.1pt Hl and 321.4 SW.

How did you get it up from the Bio 200Lite 308SW to 330SW ?

Thank you
CCH4Tennis, Malaysia
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