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I think it is unfortunate that many racquet companies offer extended length models only on ligther and larger versions of there racquets. Look at Wilson with their Steam 99S vs. 105S, Blade 98 vs. 104 or Donnay with their Pro One 97 vs. Pro One OS Ext. If you want to play an extended length racquet, that forces you to go for an oversize racquet an put quite a lot of lead tape on it, which ends up in quite a challenge: If you just add lead to the 3 and 9 o'clock position, your balance may shift to much to the top. Thus you also need to put weight to the handle in order to maintain the headlight balance and prevent the stick from becoming head-heavy - and adding weight to the handle decently is a major operation.

I guess this a part of the success of the Babolat racquets over recent years. They offer Plus versions on their standard head sizes and weights. You can order your APD and PD in extended length versions without having to accept larger head sizes and reduced weight. On the PD, you can even go for the heavier Roddick Plus version.

Many customers are a bit scared to try extended length racquets, but the adaption process is far easier than many people think. It gives you more pop, more spin, a better reach and especially a better serve. Double handed backhand players will also enjoy the longer handle.

So Wilson: Give us a Wilson Steam 99S Plus. And a heavier Wilson Steam 105S.
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