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Yep Vernon, precisely. I think we know the reason for that also.

Originally Posted by zebedee View Post
During Puerta's time and before there was a whole nest of Argentines doping, all of whom could be considered as 'high level' players including Guillermo Canas who was caught with masking agent. I played there three years on the trot and I always remember a tournament doctor laughing at me when I asked about South American players doping. His attitude was that they all did, routinely, or certainly the Argentine ones. That was the impression he gave me. South America is a tennis backwater. Federer's never played there for example. The local players do what they want, more or less.
Well, Toni said after.

Federer's never played there because there isn't even a masters there.

Originally Posted by merlinpinpin View Post
He probably wouldn't have, actually.

Despite the fact that he's one of the top two players ever on the surface (arguably the best one), Nadal has also been thriving against dismal clay competition, with *zero* top clay-court specialist around (him excepted). Put him alongside guys like Muster, Brugera, Courier (and to a lesser extent, Costa and Moya) and would he win seven RG's? Very probably not. Maybe he doesn't even tie Borg's record in these conditions.
Lol, Rafa was beating Costa and Moya on clay when he was 15 years old. And in straight sets at that.

Originally Posted by Winners or Errors View Post
Honestly, if hardcourts were universally sped up, there would be less grinding and therefore less injury because of the speed of play. I personally think that's the solution instead of more clay. Of course, that'd make Uncle Toni whine even more...
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