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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Okay thanks, so the unforced errors might tick up a little higher. I guess those additional UE's errors would be Ashe's, because Connors' serve was not overwhelming and Jimmy was not always coming in behind it. Yesterday when I rewatched the first set I saw Arthur make at least one easy return error.

Ashe's serves by contrast were more forcing; and he was coming in behind all of them. So I'm guessing none of Connors' return errors are going to be UE's.

'99 final is here:

You referring to the '81 Wimbledon final? Do you have a complete copy? The BBC copy that everyone has is incomplete, with service faults cut out:
Yeah, in point description I always put some remark about bad return but mu English is not great so I can't translate the full match analysis point by point

O.k, maybe today I will post stats in that thread.. hope they will be o.k

No I don't have it m8 and I read that thread about problems with first serves cut out.. I just done stats with few sources I found, but not all points are recorded and many first serves are out.. its so frustrating

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