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Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
No, why would I use it as an excuse. Closed roof conditions should favor Federer. My point is: he was not losing the match even with the roof open, so obviously conditions were not a deal breaker.

In the USO final, the conditions completely disrupted and randomized the game, nullifying Djokovic's advantage in class. That match does not indicate any "new level" of Murray that would "suddenly drop" after the USO.

There was no drop, as there had been no raise
Oh please, enough with the inane attempts at detracting from Murray's USO win.

When Roger beats Agassi at the USO in the middle of a gale, it's evidence of Roger's skill and adaptability; ditto when Rafa destroys Murray in the final of Indian Wells a couple of years ago. But when Murray adapts better to the conditions than his opponent then it is down to dumb luck? A Random outcome of the prevailing conditions? Did you see the 5th set? Did Novak lose it because of the wind? It wasn't even blowing by the end of the match - novak still lost.

Murray is USO and Olympic champion. The End.
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