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Coming from Dunlop 300's to the Becker Londons about two years ago, I can honestly say that I've adjusted to the grip shape and actually prefer Volkl/Becker. I find the shape to be very distinct in that I know at all times where I am on the grip. My forehand grip is just shy of SW, so I get more support on that side. On my 1hbh, I used to wander over into Western territory, but the Volkl/BB keeps me more "honest" around an extreme Eastern. The balance of drive and spin that I put on the ball is the best I've found.

I was in a shop the other day and picked up a PB 10-Mid in a 5/8 grip. It fit my hand like a glove but was still slightly too small.

I think that I'm going to swap out my 4 1/2 pallets for 5/8. With an overgrip over my Gamma Hi-Tech grips, or, over a Volkl DNX grip, which gives slightly more width while maintaining good weight and definition, I might have the perfect grip for me.
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