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Wait a minute. You can ask for a racket but not a number. I wish i would have been there for that conversation.

"Can I have you phone number I would like to.."


"Your number, you know the grip number, is it 4 1/4 4 3/8?"

Anyway next class dont take the racket. If she asks you say you forgot it, but giver her your number and tell her to call if she needs it back beofre next class. If she doesnt call dont take it to that class either. at the nexty class tell her you were hitting the night before and busted the strings. Ask her for her number and say you will restring tommorrow and give her a call to drop it off.

If she tells you to just bring it to the next class then you have to tell her your plan all along was to get her number so you could ask her out on a date.
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