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Originally Posted by batz View Post
This. I swear a small minority of Fed fans think he's a deity and could fly if he wanted to.

The chances of Roger being a pro footballer are tiny - the chances of him being better than the best player in the world are so infinitessimally small that they might as well be zero.
Oh yeah? And what if when federer was 10, I told you that this guy will:

- be top 10.
- win 1 major.
- win 17 majors.

Can you tell me the odds on each one of those?

Federer/nadal/murray/djokovic all have very good builds for football. Ultimately we will never know but the amount of coordination/footwork needed for tennis would be handy in football.

I dont know if you watched the interview with peter schmeichel on the atp site but he said that nowadays the football coaches have realised that the best sport to do in conjunction with football is tennis and a lot of players even at the pro level are encouraged to play tennis. i know for a fact that ronaldo absolutely loves tennis.

INB4 yanks calls it soccer.. idiots.
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