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Default kevlar users setups, what are your cross strings?

I've been using either forten or ashaway kevlar. Here is what I've tried and what I've thought about it

Ashaway 17 with msv hev 17 at 70lbs. Feels board at first but plays good till the kevlar frays which was north of 30 hours, then I stopped counting.

Ashaway 17 with Rip Control 17 at 68lbs. Very soft, good dwell time but the rip control crosses shredded in 2 hours.

Forten and Ash Kevlar with Forten Sweet 16g crosses at 70lbs. Forten sweet 16 at high tensions is very harsh imo, not good for the elbow.

Ashaway 17 with Og sheep micro 17 at 68lbs. A very economical setup, last a long time and pretty soft.

I also tried msv hex 17 mains and forten sweet 16 at ~65lbs and this was pretty brutal on the arm.

Going to try 18g kevlar with 17L msv hex at 65lbs.
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