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Originally Posted by Alchemy-Z View Post
I've had team mates with losing records get bumped..but me and another team mate went undefeated for the season did not get bumped.
Your specific won/lost record is meaningless when it comes to calculating your NTRP rating. Your rating is based solely on the game differential from the score of the match and the then current dynamic ratings of all the players involved.

If you play weak opponents, those rated in the lower end of your level or even players in a level lower that are playing up, and/or play with a very strong doubles partner, you can win all your matches and actually have your rating go down.

Conversely, if you play strong opponents, if perhaps you yourself are playing up, or play with a weak partner, you can lose a match and improve your rating.

And of course, because game differential is used, you can win a match 0-6,7-6,1-0 but actually be -4 on game differential which even against good competition could cause your rating to go down.

So it all depends on the specifics of every match and not your win/loss record.
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