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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
hwood -- that's a common rant on sportsblogs and sports radio. i think most hall of fames are way too big.

baseball HOF has 291.
football HOF has 273.
basketball HOF has 313.
tennis HOF has 218 (!).

i want the top 50 of each sport to have a separate wing or designation. and this top 50 is also amended every year or every 5 years.

can't water down the HOF by including every good but not great player. the tennis hall of fame inducted michael chang (?!). #2 in the world and one french open. how the funk does that happen. fine keep him in but he's not in the same wing as pete sampras, rod laver, roger federer, and anna kournikova.
Anna should get her own wing, with like those life like wax musum statues with every outfit she ever wore on. And the Maxim photoshoot ones as well.

So you like the Bill Simmons Pyramid idea.

If Im doing it for baseball, then Bonds this year is a Pantheon guy for sure. Id have Bagwell at level 4. Tim Raines, Clemens, Piazza would be level 3. Biggio and McGwire would be level 2. Sosa, Schilling and Morris would be level one and bumpable outta there.
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