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Originally Posted by chippy17 View Post
she was a very handy player in her youth, not quite world class but not far off, but she is extremely rusty

she of course grew up playing with wooden rackets and the heavy graphite ones so weight has never been a problem before but I hit with her the other day and lent her one of my Redondo's and after about 10mins she said it was too heavy for her, but I worry that a light tweener with ooodles of power is going to far the other way

personally the redondo is one of the nicest rackets I have played with for a long time and after a year of playing with it I have decided i will stick with this racket for the forseeable, i would not call it powerful but i can generate my own so not an issue for me, very arm friendly even set up like I have with full poly

I fear that if she plays with a really light racket she will miss a bit of stability?
I used heavy rackets for years, can play ok with wood frames as well. Now using a leaded up tweener. If you're in the states you can always demo from TW. Swingweight & mass in the racket hoop are more important for stability than overall static weight. Frame too light or unstable? - easily fixed with $2 lead tape. I'd start with 4gm at 3&9 o'clock and go from there.
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