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Originally Posted by Tennisspieler View Post
And a heavier Wilson Steam 105S.
Isn't that why they make lead tape, for personal customization? I love a 105 frame size but hate the weight and the balance of most. I find most are strung weight around 10-10.5 and around an even balance for a little HH. This one is heavier at 10.8 strung and 4 HL, which is a great improvement, now just a tiny bit of tape gets you to the 99s weight which is only 11 strung.

I loved the 105s and I did what the previous post mentioned, hit for a long time with a partner who I have had for the past few years and he told me to "buy a case" of the Steam 105s. No ballooning here, more pace and more spin. That having been said, I am the kind of hitting that even with spin, I only clear the net by about 12-24 inches on I am working on clearing a little higher now that I have spin that will drop it in.

If I had any issue it was balls low over the net with a lot of spin that dropped in the middle of the service box and allowed him to come forward and attack....just my thoughts on the 105s.
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