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The thing is that I dont care what someone else does with the racquet if I am going to use it. I'll put it like this, I know if the spin is advantageous because the opponent will struggle with it, the ball will drop in more often..etc. While the ball does kick higher and straight up off the bounce, most guys I play are not really phased by that any more. We grew up seeing those bounces. That being said, the 105s just has no weight behind it in stock form, so it is not an ideal option for someone who hits with heavy top already. the 99s will be the benchmark for me, and I am simply waiting for it to come back to the shop so I can try it out.

The 99s is 15 grams heavier than the 105s. That is not a tiny bit of lead tape by any means. It is actually 60 inches of 1/4 in tape.
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