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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
Federer can be a great soccer player but to expect him to be as great as Messi is highly unlikely, let alone better. And Messi wouldn't be a great tennis player(too small) had he chose to play tennis. They both are great in their own sport, however, Federer is more dominant in tennis than Messi is in soccer. Very few athletes were more dominant than Federer(ie Gretzky, Rice)
Fed is rightfully the GOAT in tennis and has done more than nadal, sampras or laver but I don't see him as dominant as jordan, ruth, bolt, woods or phelps were. neither of those were owned by their main rival (yes I know most were on clay but the best GOATs owned their rivals even when conditions were unfavorable-jordan won a championship while having fever).

the head to head is of course skewed by most matches being on clay so this doesn't prevent fed from being the goat but it keeps him from being one of inner circle GOATs.
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