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Your assertion that to be ranked number one in the world you have to win the world tour is just wrong. In 1961 Rosewall was ranked number one in the world by many sources including L'equipe, Phillipe Chatrier , sutter, Christian boussus, peter rowley, Geist, tony trabert , john Newcombe, rod laver and Joe McCauley plus the New york times and World tennis magazine. Gonzales argued in a 1963 interviw that he was number one in 1961 but he based his argument on the fact that he won 5 out of 8 touranments and rosewall won 2 out of 6 (in fact Rosewall won 4 out of 9 events). Gonzales knew what counted in 1961 was the tournament circuit which brought all best players together not the world tour which failed to do that. Remember Gonzales played the tournament circuit and pro majors every year between 1954 and 1961 except in 1960 when he got into an argument with kramer and refused to play. The tournament circuit and pro majors were just as important as the world tour because they gave every pro not just the restricted number of the world tour to be number one.
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