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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Point is that you are being close minded about this. You decided that this must be correct and you proceed from there. I've used this example before and I'll use it again. Nolan Ryan, the all time strikeout leader in baseball played in 1965, which is by definition before 1968 which is the Pre Open Era in tennis. Yes I know it's a different sport but hey it's is a while ago. Ryan in his heyday threw the ball clearly over 100 mph. His last pitch in the 1990's at I believe age 46 was timed at 98 mph. By your definition he wouldn't do well today. I disagree.

The great Pancho Gonzalez played in the 1940's and he played until the 1970's. He defeated everyone from Tilden to Connors. He was 6'31/2" and a super athlete. By your definition this gifted player couldn't play today.

Check this video out.

Here's a reverse question that's often asked. Could Federer, Nadal, Murray and Djokovic play in the pre open era?
I agree with forzamilan90 to the extent that it is nearly impossible to compare players from the distant past to the modern players (in tennis). Some sports have had similar enough structure and technology to make a direct comparison, but I don't believe that tennis is one of them.

That is not to say that past players are better or worse, only that this list of "goat candidates" is getting so large as to be meaningless. There should at least be a dividing line between the open and pre-open eras for goat lists (pre-open era best, open era best). It is unfortunate for the players who played in the pre-open era, but it is just rampant speculation otherwise.
Consider the set of all sets that have never been considered.

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