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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
Va Tech, NC St, Clemson and FSU should always be competing for the top 15-20 spots.
I think the issue is whether the schools want to shell out the huge money to hire star coaches. For example, Beamer makes less than Schiano at Rutgers. Most schools lose a lot of money to fund a college football team.
NCst and Clemson have a lot of competition to recruit those blue chips (UNC, NCst, USCe, Clemson, UGA, GT, ECU, and UT are all within driving distance of NC/SC .

Given the historical prestige of FSU's football program (only program ever to finish ranked in the AP top 5 14 YEARS IN A ROW), relatively low academic standards and their >$80mil athletic budget, they should be top 15 even in a down year.

Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
What kills me with that map is how small the blue chip count is in MD. There are so many great yougn athleletes in the state. I guess they seem to go the BBall route though like Casell and Carmelo.
As someone who's lived in MD, then moved to Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech), I've noticed that people (fans) in major cities don't care about college football. Also, if you were to draw two lines through DC, one vertical and one horizontal, you'll find that just about no one in that top right corner cares about college football (some parts of PA being the exception).
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