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Typical NTRP paradox. What gets you to sectionals, districts, etc., is your win-loss record--period. Then, when it comes to NTRP, USTA says win-loss isn't important. Well, if win-loss isn't important to determining NTRP, then why is win-loss record the only thing that matters at the end of a season. You'd think they'd either incorporate some sort of win-loss algorithm into NTRP or determine who wins a particular match by who played better based on dynamic NTRP (i.e., if I'm supposed to lose 2-2 to a better player, but lose 3-3, then I get the match win, similar to a golf handicap match).

Regardless, until NTRP starts taking into account the most important item used to determine who advances in league play (win-loss record only), the system will remain flawed. In Colorado, we literally have a couple dozen folks who won all their league matches and didn't get moved up.
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