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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
haha... I have that toss....
The super-high toss (what I deem the WTA-toss) is a tradeoff. It gives you much more time to get balanced into position and to shift your body around under the toss but, counter-intuitively, the timing must be more precise because the ball is falling at a faster rate through the contact zone.

The other downsides of the high toss are that it is more susceptible to the wind and more difficult to place precisely because the higher the toss, the more difficult it is to toss precisely. Though, obviously, high-level players such as Berdych are very good at accurately tossing. He just has a more difficult task of tossing the ball than someone like Federer much less lower-toss players such as Roddick and Ivanisevic.
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