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Originally Posted by ronray43 View Post
You'd think they'd either incorporate some sort of win-loss algorithm into NTRP or determine who wins a particular match by who played better based on dynamic NTRP (i.e., if I'm supposed to lose 2-2 to a better player, but lose 3-3, then I get the match win, similar to a golf handicap match).
This expected result is in effect what the NTRP algorithm calculates and the result being better or worse than this cause one's rating to go up or down. So one could take this and determine "virtual wins" or come up with a handicapping system where a player gets 3 games per set or whatever is appropriate given the player's current ratings.

Being a ratings guy, this could be very interesting and a part of me would love to see it, but it would also change he dynamic of the game significantly, perhaps to its detriment. But on the surface, it would eliminate some of the ways one can win and advance but manipulate ones rating to avoid being bumped.
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