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Originally Posted by Fedex View Post
Tennis is a far more difficult sport, both technically and physically, than football.
You have to put in vastly more hours of practice to achieve top level success.
When you look at top class tennis players, the skill and cosistency is simply mind boggling.
Far more people play football but you can get away with a lot less skill and dedication.
The likes of Federer, Murray and Nadal would find it much easier to change careers and slot into top class football.
A top footballer would have absolutely no chance of slotting into tennis.

snooker is also more difficult than soccer but that doesn't mean it is harder to reach the top.

the opposite is true: a more difficult sport means that the technical education plays a big role which eliminates a lot of talent from the talent pool because of mediocre coaching. who knows how good some soccer players would have been had he had exactly the same technical education that fed received.

the same is true in baseball. it is technically very difficult so a lot of guys "from the hood" will not make it while in football and to some extend basketball the most gifted athletes usually succeed.
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