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Well, I guess what I'm really trying to get across is that win-loss record should count for at least part of one's NTRP rating.

For the folks in the middle of their rating, NTRP is probably just fine. However, for those near the very bottom (me, for example), according to NTRP, we're supposed to lose all our matches. And, when we do lose all our matches, year after year, NTRP is happy, because the actual result met the expected outcome. So, when the end of year ratings come out, we get to stay at the same rating, because we lost all our matches, just like the algorithm predicted, and, guess what, we get to lose all our matches the next year, 'cause that's how NTRP is structured.

Sure, we can all try to get better, but some of use are almost 60 years old, and we've gotten about as good as we can get. So, if NTRP would at least have some consideration for win-loss record, it would probably help those of use who are at the bottom of their rating level, and also help to move up the guys who win 90% of their matches year after years and stay at the same leve.
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