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Here's a good tip from Coach Mauro. Although the toss is more over your head, it is still INTO THE COURT!
Tennis Tips: Serve: Correct Toss For Kick Or Topspin Serves

Will Hamilton from Fuzzy Yellow balls give advice on swing direction, and at the end of the video a note that your contact point is lower than your first serve.
Kick Serve Swing Direction

Great suggestion from Brent Abel to start practice trying to see how incredibly how far above the net you can spin your kick serve to get that feeling of really spinning it.
Tennis Topspin Serve Practice Drill

For a complete step by step progression on how to hit the kick serve, it is hard to beat Will Hamilton's instruction on Fuzzy Yellow Balls:
Kick Serve

And be sure to look at Will's suggestions that will improve your kick serve as well as your first serve at
Advanced Serve Technique
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