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Originally Posted by Freak4tennis View Post
For a number of reasons I would take the head coaching job.

1) Like you said you will be (in theory) first in line, when or even if they open the applicant pool. They simply may not if you come in and put out the effort.

2) It's going to look great on your resume either way.

3) Ask for a severance package in case they find someone else.

4) Don't sell your house. Rent it out this way you have a fall back.

Good luck.
I am a college coach. I agree with the above. Don't sell your house. See if you can take a leave of absence from job #1. Find out from job #2 what they are looking for in order for you to retain the job there. If coaching full-time is what you want to do, then this is a great opportunity. You should be able to find assistant coaching positions in the future if it doesn't work out or at worst, a h.s. head coach position. You will forever have the experience of being an assistant college coach on your resume. Adding the head coaching job, even if it is interim, will make it easier to find a head coaching job in the future.
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