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Originally Posted by kylebarendrick View Post
A D1 player could not self rate at 5.0. An appeal to 4.5 would be unlikely to be granted (although I'll admit that stranger things have happened).

There really are players out there that can beat the tar out of top line 4.5s. 3-strikes DQs do result in matches being overturned.
I personally know D1 player (still in his mid 20s) that self rated 4.0 in another section. How or why he was able to do this and had no grievance filed, I have no idea. He played one season there and didn't lose any matches. During the year he moved to my section. He played a couple matches in the fall season at 4.0 - doubles and one singles won both of those. He also played mixed with varying results. He basically flew under the radar. At the end of the year he had a 4.0C rating. The top team in the league took him on their roster. Since this team is full of under rated players I took notice and researched his background. I sent weblink to his college record with his team picture to LC and I got back - too bad "C" rated players can't have greivances filed against them. Those are the rules.
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