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Default This is not a humble brag (with video)

This is a proud-brag! Any who, I have a related thread in the tips section, and you could argue that this might belong in the fitness section, but there is a definite element which involves my NTRP rating. Since I post in this section most frequently and since you are my closest "cyber friends" I decided to put it here. I am not really looking for answers to a question ... just throwing out a status report from the middles states.

One year ago I thought I was expecting the bump to 4.5 and it did not happen. At that time I dedicated myself to getting better. For the past year my first goal was to get better and earn the bump this year and my second goal was to improve to the point where I would actually contribute on a 4.5 team.

My first step was to lose weight. Last year, post thanksgiving I was 294 pounds. I am now orbit around 250 pounds.

Second step was to improve my game ... I did some lessons with a local pro, but I think the biggest difference in this area was video recording myself. I would video record myself at least once a month and looked at target areas for improvement. I think the video analysis has paid off the most.

This year I did get the bump ... and I have already had several suitors asking me to play for their 4.5 team next year, which makes me happy.

So if you would like to see my evolution from over the past year feel free to look for yourself.

What I look like on the court now

Groundies at 290

All of my posted videos can be found in this thread.
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