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Default I somewhat agree

As a women, I have been fortunate enough to currently have teams invite me to play for them now. I wouldn't say that was so when i first started out, but the last year it definitely has been.

I think for women, the decision to invite that person onto the team has more to do with than just play style, I think it also goes to team dynamics... maybe that new person might not gel with the current players? Not all captains think about that, but I certainly know a few that do.

when I play my level, I expect to play enough matches, but when I play up, I only expect 2 matches (to qualify for any playoffs etc matches and to get my $25 worth in fees) or a bit more. However, I do notice that a lot of captains are hung up on ratings as well... so even if I'm playing up and even if I'm better than some of the ladies on the team with the proper rating, I will not get to play as much as them. Of course, a friend of mine was kind enough to inform me that's b/c the captain is trying to only be fair and let the proper rated players play more (since I am playing up, it's an extra team).

Anyway... a person's tennis ability may not be the only factor in not getting invited on a team... there are a lot of other factors... at least that's my experience with the ladies league. Also, the men's league has WAAAY less drama period.
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