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Originally Posted by Colin View Post
I think it's going to be harder to come back than the last times and that may cause Rafa to lose interest in the sport, especially if he's lower-ranked and runs into Djokovic in the semis or even quarters if Ferrer takes the fourth spot. He's going to have a hard time winning hard-court matches against Nole and Andy and likely even Fed and Ferrer. His best hope is he can find his form for clay. If he hasn't go the confidence, it could be a disaster and I could see him retiring without beating Djokovic again. If he has a great clay and grass season, things could turn around. Hard to say till we see him in action.
I think it will depend basically on how he's physically. He was not fine when he came back in 2009 and I do wonder if he would have ended up losing interest had things stayed like that.
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