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hi all, i have a one hander and had one for 20 years. i love the feeling of hitting a great one hander vs a 2 hander, however, and this is just my opinion, but the game has changed. in the early days the game was more about strategy and finesse and i think we can all agree that the one hander provided more options, better feel, and to some extent control. however, with the advent of more powerful racquets and strings that have essentially shrunken the court do to the ridiculous amounts of spin they provide, players like myself are constantly being pushed back by the tremendous amounts of spin and power of the modern game and lets face it...its easier to hit those deep heavy topspin balls with a 2 hander than one. the 2 hander not only provides more power and control, but more importantly, for me, more stability. federer is a genius and has endless amounts of shots, but i've noticed over the years that is one hander, in particular his topspin has become more of a liability for him. how often does he hit that drop shot now? how often is he being pushed back, especially by a healty nadal? he knows he can't "bang" anymore with the big boys and needs to use more variety, which he has with the one hander. however, there is only one federer and most players don't have that kind of variety. in other words, he does so many other things better than everyone else that he can still dominate, even with his one hander. i hate to say this, but the reason everyone has a 2 hander isn't a coincidence. the game has changed and the 1 hander is being phased out.
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