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Originally Posted by nyc View Post
That is my whole point. The OP was asking about a six pack - which is CLEARLY all about image.

Don't get me wrong, I fully endorse a healthy fit lifestyle and I truly believe that as a teenager you MUST be physically active. But pursuing fitness, health and strength is different than "sculpting" individual big muscles.

Where it becomes worrying and detrimental to development (and creating issues later in life) is when kids start to obsess over a body image put forth by guys like "the situation".
This obsession can push them to eat an unbalanced diet, spend a fortune on crappy powders and damage joints by lifting too hard, too early on.
You're missing the point yourself. None of this has anything to do with weight lifting. Nothing at all. It is both unfair and improper to tell teenagers to refrain from lifting because it can cause them to obsess over their body image. This is like blaming Porsche for a teenager crashing because a kid went too fast in his dad's Porsche in an effort to look macho. The car is not unsafe. It was the kid who didn't know how to drive properly and safely that created an unsafe situation.
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