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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
Pc1 why no Sampras mentioned among the GOATs?
I wrote among others. I was in my car writing this on the side of the road. Wanted to write the post quickly and get on my way and didn't have time to mention all the perspective candidates. It would take too long to write everyone. I will say this, while I respect Sampras, if you check his percentage stats, while he is a player that can be discussed for GOAThood, his percentages are not too impressive. A 77.4% lifetime winning percentage isn't that great for a player who is supposed to be a GOAT candidate. His best year for won-lost is 77-10 and that's not great for a best year. He won 14 majors but out of 52 attempts and that's just okay but not great either. In other words others have done better and in some cases, much better. Even in his peak years he did NOT have a streak where he won the majority of majors over a period of years. For example did you know Laver had a streak in which he won 10 of 13 majors (including pro majors) entered. When the Open Era started Laver was to turn 30 and he still won five of the first seven majors he entered plus a Grand Slam. Don Budge won six consecutive majors including a Grand Slam in 1938. Federer won 11 of 16 majors at one point and 12 of 20 during his best five years. Sampras did very well and came close but he won 9 of 20 majors during his PEAK YEARS of 1993 to 1997. His winning percentages during his best five years is around 83% which is about Rafael Nadal's lifetime winning percentage.

His Wimbledon titles and other majors are impressive as is his general ability. I think subjectively Sampras is more gifted than most of the all time greats.

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