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Originally Posted by acura9927 View Post
Isnt that just pure luck that an expert claims picking your own numbers is better. The odds are alwasy 1 in 175 million no matter who does the picking? And how in God's green earth does anyone win the lottery several times?
In his 30-sec blurb on one of the news show, he suggested staying away from the quick-pick and stick with any combo you decide on. If you play often then there's more chance your sequence catches the "lightning in a bottle"...still 1 in 175mil but the second time it's 1 in 88.5 mil and so on.

As to his winning ways, he's never cashed a PB draw but has won several of the more frequent, lower-odds FL we have a six-number Lotto (no PB) twice weekly, a four-number/mega ball twice weekly and the nightly five-number Fantasy 5. There are many multiple winners of the Fantasy 5 and it's jackpot can go into the low 1mil range if it rolls over.
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