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Originally Posted by *Sparkle* View Post
That sounds awful and I hope he'll be OK.

My brother's friend died after falling from height after climbing on things he shouldn't have. I'm sure a lot of people thought he was an idiot, but he was also a nice guy, so I'm possibly more sensitive than most, but I'm shocked that people think it's OK to laugh and mock someone who is probably facing life altering injuries. If not, he's been incredibly lucky.

Everyone does something stupid at least once in their life. Thankfully, most of us get away with it.
While I agree with that, I have more than once put myself in needless physical danger, this move is another level of stupid. Climbing out a 3rd story window, drunk or not, is just asinine.

I obviously wish him the best and hope that he bounces back soon.
"Everybody has a game plan, until they get punched in the face" -Mike Tyson
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