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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^ I see no reason to consider him either delusional or fraudulent. He's a popularizer who tries to simplify the message a bit for the masses, not in itself a bad thing. Popularizers tend to be targets because of envy of their commercial success; Carl Sagan was a competent scientist (per my brother who was a friend and colleague of his) who also was ripped because he was able to cash in while simplifying things for the TV audience.
What Carl Sagan said was within the confines of known science. He had also published many papers before he took on the popularizer role.

Deepak Chopra was also a successful doctor before he turned into a popularizer. But he does not confine himself to science. He injects spirituality and mysticism into his work and uses words like "quantum" in inappropriate situations. That does not mean that a holistic approach is not good. He also talks about many useful things. But he has ventured into domains where he cannot be rigorous about facts. When electrical activity in the brain was noticed after death, he proclaimed that evidence for the soul had been found. It turned out that rats also show the same "evidence." It is basically the residual electricity discharging through the neural circuits. For him, just the news was enough to talk about the soul.

He has done a great job of picking pieces of Eastern philosophies and packaging them for Western consumption. Many have done that before him, but as a doctor, he has to be held to a higher scientific standard compared to a Swami or a Yogi who has simply studied scripture all his life as part of a monastic tradition and has not had exposure to modern education.
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