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Originally Posted by fgs View Post
not neccessarily - the softer ones surely have a different rebound angle which launches the ball eventually longer, which in turn is percieved as more powerful. i found out that one of the most important aspects is the speed at which the stringbed basically comes back upon impact. some stiff strings will be slow but some of the stiff ones which naturally will have a small deflection will also rebound very fast, thus being pretty powerfull in the sense of energy return - at least this is the way i interpret things and i do not say that the terms used by me are scientifically correct (i'm not a native speaker, so i eventually mess up some of these terms).
I think FGS is on the money with this. Ultimately, it comes down to your rhs. Stiffer strings, if deflected more will have a higher energy return but more acute launch angle. Softer strings, on the other hand, pocket more but have higher launch. Both can be perceived as power.

I've gone from playing a Prestige Mid with Kevlar/AluRough at 58lbs to playing with the 95D at 48lbs with Black 7. Is it powerful? Yes, comparatively, but I'd venture to say that I have more control with the 95D than I did with the Prestige Mid. Before you throw your hands up in the air and label me a heretic, let me qualify. Playing with a mid-range stiffness, lower tension poly allowed me to slow down my swing speed and work on HOW I was hitting the ball instead of how HARD. I no longer rely on bumping up the tension to provide me control.

Oh, and for the record, I hit with an APD strung with Lux Rough/Addiction in the high 50's the other day and was just as capable of putting the ball on court.
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