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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
He's entitled to say what he thinks.
Most of what he says though is on par with suresh's mental level, which is to say, that of an immature teenager trapped in an adult body.

After all the success him and his pupil have had, I don't see a whole lot of respect or appreciation for the game that has given them so much.

It seems like the short-sighted, selfish thinking of the junior league has stayed with both of them. The gamesmanship on court that Nadal displays even today goes hand in hand with Toni's self serving talk. If anything, Rafa may have grown up a little more than his bush league uncle.

If you need any further proof that uncle Toni is the Spanish suresh, here is another statement from the news today

Talking about his rivals, Toni laughingly said: "I hope now Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will get injured"
I mean what kind of grown up man talks like that? If indeed Rafa has gone through a tough injury, I would expect that someone with any maturity would say " I hope no one has to go through what my nephew did". Not the crap he spewed above, however laughingly.
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