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Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post

Another great attack with that slice approach can be leaving it semi-short (not quite a drop shot) so that it forces opponents to lunge forward and shovel the ball up. Step up (yes, to the net) and enjoy your free lunch! This is the "north-south" sort of attack that's worth considering in case you can't beat someone with more of an "east-west" array of shots.
Fuzz, I play a guy who does this to me all the time and I really struggle with it. I can beat him pretty handily with the "east-west" array of shots as you put it and he knows this. He does this short slice that makes me lunge forward and I honestly don't know any 4.5-5.0 guys who do it as good as him. I'm a 6'3 baseline player with a westerm grip and end up playing this guy pretty close every time. He is a good player and I respect this strategy, but I feel if I figure this out I can beat him more often.

Right now when he slices it short I slice it back (forehand and backhand) and retreat to the baseline where I'm most comfortable. It's just so tough for me to be in a baseline rally and then all of a sudden have to lunge forward to retrieve this short slice.

I guess my footwork/forward movement isnt too great but thought I'd see what you think of this.
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