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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
That doesn't even come close to telling the story.You forgot 42', btw.
Stringer's Digest shows 13 separate steps,(and you'd better not screw up)

I'm pretty sure the E-force website has the instructions for the Ambush.
Many of their racquets use this bottom- bearing pattern.
I use a length of repair tubing to thread the handle when needed.
You had already stated that it needed 42'. BTW you are incorrect recomending the Ambush pattern, that has a bearing. The correct pattern is the Stun 175 at least for the mains since it only has 4 pairs of tubes.

Most RB string sets are 42', but you can use a regular 40' set. One of my clients came to me after he got fed up with the local chain store. One reason they refused to string his racket because the string set was 40'. He told them one guy there was able to do it before, but that stringer was not working that day.

Here the diagram:
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