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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post
Wow! I guess the DA's office felt they did not have enough evidence to convict. If I recall correctly, the guy had coffee mug fragments in his scalp? How does that happen by accident? Perhaps that report was inaccurate.

A good defense attorney could get to reasonable doubt easily and explain away the blunt force trauma that killed the man as a product of a fall down a stairway. That is the one of the problems with this case for the DA. They maintained the option of refiling charges at a later date.
A spokesman for the defense said that although there were traces of ceramic in his forehead, the actual coroner's report reported cause of death as a heart attack. The man's heart was 4 times the normal size.

Lois Goodman also recently passed a defense administered polygraph test. Plus, the fact that they left the scene under the conclusion it was an accident for several days meant that the scene would be contaminated. I don't think DNA evidence (which her DNA apparently was not on the coffee mug) in her own home would be much proof.
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