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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
So, I guess this is a dumb question, which I am hoping someone can answer.

But, I keep seeing two scenarios constantly going on:

1) On TRN, a player who is from a foreign country plays sectionals and zonals and regionals.

2) On TRN, a player who says they are from here and plays sectionals and zonals here ,
but plays ITFs with another country's name for easier access to the ITF's in this country.

My question is are sectionals and zonals and even regional open to juniors from other countries?

( excluding Canada from this discussion).

They are open to permanent residents of the sections. They don't have to be US Citizens.

Another possibility is that TRN is showing their current residency, which may not be the same residency they had when they played in that event. I have noticed that when a player moves and changes sections, when you go back and look at the results it shows the current section for the player rather than the section they were a resident of a the time they played the event.
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