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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Sampras is a contender.Borg is another, as well.He did the RG-W double three times in a row when grass was grass and clay was clay, which is a feat that will probably never be matched.He won 6 RG titles, which means he has the credentials of being , at least, the 4 th best ever on grass ( 3 rd on fast grass) and second on clay.Plus, Borg won three indoor majors, two of them beating day in day out the next four best players in the world in the most competitive era, which is a feat that won´t be easily duplicated.Finally, I admit he lost three USO finals on hard.

His record is better than that of Sampras, in my opinion.But I respect Sampras a lot, too.
well retiring early does help that wouldn't you agree? Considering he was an early bloomer that inflates his win %, kind of like Nadal.
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